Our Process

Let’s find your brand’s secret sauce


Initial Consultation

Our very first step is to go over the fundamentals. What is your brand’s vision? What are your goals and what is the timeline? Let’s cover the big picture and the nitty-gritty details. Let’s talk budget management. Then, let’s get ready to jump in.


Concept Design

At Tasty Design Studio we are uniquely equipped to bring your concept to life. Together we will create an eye-catching layout with the help of our battle-tested designers. We provide key insights, based on our first-hand experience, to create a stunning project blueprint.


Product Management

Permits, deadlines, and insurance. Sound like a headache? Let us take care of it. We streamline your various deadlines and facilitate all adjustments to the art and collateral so things are always on schedule. We are the calendar keepers.


Launch Coordination

It’s showtime! We manage your vendors and arrange your amenities. With our in-person services we double-check everything to make sure you get what you paid for. We hire local staff to assist us on-site. We know workers with experience who understand how to sell to convention-goers. 


Project Retrospective

Building upon your latest success requires data. That’s why we present a detailed retrospective report on your project to assess how we delivered. Not only does our report give brands a snapshot of what happens on-site, it also gives a comprehensive analysis for even greater future success.