Companies we’ve worked with:



Abelina Villegas

Associate Brand Manager
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, Inc.

“Pleasing our headquarters in Japan is no easy task. We have high standards and I wouldn’t go on record recommending anyone who wasn’t able to exceed them.

Joanna is fantastic with knowing exactly what kind of artist and artwork is appropriate for the given project. This comes from what I could tell was her deep knowledge and love of the industry and its products.

When giving her a brief of what we were looking for, she curated a portfolio filled with artists that were not only fans of the brand, but whose style would stay true to the IP while offering a fresh take on our classic characters. At Joanna’s suggestion, we made the calculated risk of bringing in an artist who was also a fan. This artist had to take on the task of not only drawing our classic characters, but to create the key art for the game’s packaging. Tasty Design Studio ran with the idea of using a true fan to be our design artist. This was such a fun and innovative idea. It meant we had to put our trust in Joanna’s decisions.

I believed fully in Tasty Design Studio and it definitely paid off. My team loved the design. They were on board once they saw the first drafts. Not only that, but the artist was able to create something fun and unique that caught the eye of many retro gamers. We saw a ton of great feedback on our choice of artwork and it helped the game stand out on store shelves. Her work was anything but generic and it spoke to our fans. Joanna completely nailed this project by having the same high standards that we do.”


Tiffany Chen

Sr. Manager, Brand Management

“Joanna is a star performer. When it comes to our highest profile guests and conventions, we know to call Tasty Design Studio because we can relax with Joanna at the helm. 

Joanna always goes above and beyond for our clients. That means she doesn’t just translate efficiently and effectively, she makes sure the client feels at home. This can be tricky for some translators who aren’t as detail-oriented. Joanna also understands how to prepare a timetable for conventions, so we can be calm knowing she and the guest will arrive on time. When it comes to panels, she has a knack for helping out with her signature brand of humor and quick thinking. Plus, she knows the shows, so she can get around tricky interpretation issues. She knows the material so well that, at times, Joanna has taken on some of the MC’s responsibilities when Q&A sessions were going off the rails. She’s able to communicate with the fans so well because she is one!

It is Joanna’s rare combination of love for anime and deep knowledge of the convention circuit that make her so invaluable.”


Douglas Erber

Japan America Society of Southern California

“Tasty Design Studios is a force to be reckoned with. We were in a period of transition for Japan Bowl® of California when we brought her on. Japan Bowl is a large Japanese language and culture competition for high school students studying Japanese language.  We are the second largest Japan America Society in the country, but working here is like working in a family run business. So, we had to be very careful about who we brought in. We made the right call.

The job is incredibly complicated, but Joanna stepped up and hit it out of the park. From collateral, swag, VIP coordination, scripting the questions, organizing the powerpoints, the list goes on. There are hundreds of details that have to come together and she nailed it.  Joanna is a self-starter and a quick learner. She has a teacher’s credential, she does marketing, branding, and interpreting, too. Basically, she brings the whole package.  

We initially brought her on for event coordination, but she quickly rose to the task of handling event management, maybe even rising to a director’s role. One thing that made Joanna so effective was that she was never afraid to ask the tough questions if it meant getting the job done. I thought she was too busy learning on the job to do anything else, but she still had her creative juices going. She is already expanding our outreach and enhancing our branding for next year.

Joanna’s adaptable. At the last minute one of our judges dropped out, but she was undeterred. She started scrambling. And by the next day, she’d found a replacement judge. It was a clinic in last minute problem solving. She did a dynamite job managing a full staff of interns and volunteers, doing arguably the most challenging thing we do. She kept the interns on task and happy. I’d never seen the interns that motivated before.

She’s fun too! The positivity she brings to the workplace makes it fun. She also made it feel like a real cohesive team. So much so that the interns were near tears on their final day. In short, Joanna has become the lynchpin to keeping this going. Joanna sees the big picture and keeps going. I am extremely confident in her leadership and management skills.”


David Del Rio

Vice President
Sentai Filmworks

“Joanna did a superlative job, going above and beyond, while managing our red carpet for the Made in Abyss U.S. Premiere. What separates Tasty Design Studio from the rest is its dedication and creativity. Joanna was always bringing innovative ideas to the table during our time working together.

She and her team took our ideas and build upon them, amplifying them 1000%. They delivered solid media reviews and blasted Los Angeles with our branded collateral. After contacting the press, hiring the necessary staff to handle will call, and arranging the limos effectively in the preparation phase, she deftly coordinated the VIPs to walk the carpet on the night of the event.

Because we are located in Houston and the event was in Los Angeles, where Joanna is based, she became integral to the event’s success. She made sure that the local vendors were all set when our staff was not able to get in touch with them. Joanna was on the ground as our point-of-contact confirming with vendors that they were prepared, which made us feel secure moving forward.

From the beginning, Tasty Design Studio was quick to identify a winning strategy in terms of positioning and exposure. Joanna thought through the logistics ahead of time and was able to identify places in need of adjusting for our plan of attack. That helped us preemptively find solutions to potential problems and gave us a sense of confidence moving forward.

It really stood out to me that Tasty Design Studio gave us such great service. It is rare for us to feel so personally cared for and understood. When we do these events, what we are always looking for is an unwavering commitment to getting it right. I kept my standards pretty high and Joanna exceeded them. I recommend Tasty Design Studios to others in the industry because it delivers.”


Stephen Akana

Brand Manager
Bandai Namco

Evan Ni No Kuni Sculpture_Geek Chris Vierra (7).jpg

“Tasty Design Studio brings something to the table that is so crucial in this industry: expertise. Joanna has a depth and breadth of knowledge regarding the anime industry that gives anyone working with her the competitive edge. She understands the ins-and-outs of the anime industry and has a wealth of knowledge about Japanese Pop Culture at large.

Her extensive industry experience has given her an utterly unique understanding of the inner workings of the Japanese entertainment industry and their fanbases. With that dual knowledge, she’s able to approach her work from both angles, effectively bridging the gap between the creators and the fans. Not only that, but her grasp of what the fans outside of Japan want was something that helped us tremendously.

The way she helped me the most though, was providing 360 degree service. She can source and manage talent with ease and I always felt I could trust delegating artistic decisions to her because she has such impeccable taste. Her fan engagement skills are truly second to none. Tasty Design Studio’s services helped us identify key talent that fit into our specific brands. She provided additional artistic perspectives that were both exciting and effective for our fans.

When we worked on the Ni No Kuni II Artist Collaboration Project together, she made exploring novel ways to celebrate our brands a fun and creative process. When branching out with our marketing strategies in new and exciting ways I trust Joanna more than anyone.

Her personal attention to detail and creativity makes us feel completely secure. Tasty Design Studio consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver superior work. I would recommend Tasty Design Studio’s services to anyone working in the industry.”


Tomo Tran

Sales and Marketing Director
Vertical Comics

New York Comic Con

Anime Expo

“I first worked with Tasty Design Studio and used their services in Anime Convention Coordination, Brand Activations, and Event Management last year (2018).

Our team was tasked with creating a booth structure for 3 unique events. Design, promotions, and sales goals were different at each event.

Joanna helped us with the booth construction, coordinating with vendors and designers so we could accomplish our goals within our allotted budget and space.

From brainstorming to concept to execution Joanna gave us info and insight along each step. It’s great that she’s a big fan of anime/manga herself so she could give us a fan’s perspective which helped us tremendously when making decisions.

Throughout the whole process we bounced ideas back and forth, making adjustments as necessary.

The TDS team was great to work with on site as they were on time for set-up, keen on getting everything prepared, and made sure we had everything we needed until closing. I know I can rely on Joanna because of her experience, creativity, love of the medium, and expertise.”

Medy Sanadidi, PhD

Bella Pita, Inc.

“Worked very happily with Tasty Design Studios. Joanna is a professional and a powerhouse who is capable of capturing the needs of a business, and suggesting social media campaigns, promotional events, and action in all marketing functions. Her enthusiasm and focus is unparalleled, and her range of contribution is truly wide. Tasty Design Studio is the best firm we ever engaged with, and we did engage with quite a few in the past 4 years.”